Garden Design Solihull

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Garden Design Drawing Plan

Through our Garden design Solihull services we create gardens and landscapes that improve the quality of life of people in Solihull. Something that has always been dear to our hearts. Simply said, your garden is a natural extension of your home. Gardens of Distinction believes that everyone deserves a wonderful, easy-to-maintain outdoor space to enjoy, whether it’s for entertaining guests or relaxing in the summer sun.

Using quality materials and cutting-edge design, we create outdoor places that dramatically increase the value of your life and property. Our garden design creates spaces where you may unwind without interruption and make lasting memories.

Garden Design Drawing Plan

What is garden design?

Garden design is the process of designing, arranging, and building outdoor areas, with an emphasis on the aesthetic and functional components of a garden. It include making decisions on the layout, materials, plants, and features of a garden in order to create an aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable outdoor setting.

Garden design incorporates a variety of features, including:

Layout and Structure:

Choosing the overall design and layout of the garden, including walkways, seating places, water features, and focus points. This includes characteristics such as space use, circulation, and balance.

Plant Selection:

Choosing ideal plants depending on characteristics such as climate, soil conditions, sun exposure, and intended visual impacts. Plants can be chosen for their colours, textures, sizes, and seasonal appeal.

Hardscape features include non-living elements such as walls, fences, patios, decks, pergolas, and other structures that improve the utility and aesthetics of the garden.

Water Features:

Introducing components such as ponds, waterfalls, fountains, or streams can bring a soothing and dynamic element to the landscape. Water features can attract wildlife and contribute to a calming ambience.


Including strategically placed lighting fixtures to brighten the garden at night or to generate various moods. Lighting may draw attention to focal areas, increase safety, and extend the garden’s usability beyond daytime hours.

Sustainability and environmental considerations include:

Implementing eco-friendly practises into garden design, such as employing native plants, efficient irrigation systems, rainwater gathering, and incorporating composting or recycling facilities.

Maintenance and Longevity:

Considering the garden’s long-term maintenance requirements, such as trimming, weeding, fertilising, and overall care. Design options can be made to reduce care efforts while keeping the landscape visually appealing over time.

Garden design can vary based on the style, purpose, and location of the garden. Styles can range from formal, with symmetrical layouts and regimented plantings, to informal or naturalistic designs that replicate natural patterns.
The size of the garden, budget limits, and personal tastes all play a role in selecting the design strategy.

Professional garden designers, landscape architects, or horticulturists frequently aid in the garden design process to assure the creation of a well-planned, useful, and beautiful outdoor space.

Garden Design with Patio and Raised Borders

Who provides garden design?

Garden design services can be provided by a variety of professions and companies. Here are some common garden design companies:
Like ourselves there are landscaping companies. We offer Garden design Solihull for homeowners.
Landscaping companies provide comprehensive landscape design services, which may include garden design. These businesses often employ a team of designers and landscapers who work together to create and implement garden designs.

Landscape Architects: These individuals are trained in the discipline of landscape architecture and specialise in developing outside environments such as gardens. They have a thorough understanding of design concepts, horticulture, and environmental considerations.

Garden Designers: These experts specialise in garden design and work closely with clients to create personalised outdoor areas. They are experts in plant selection, arrangement, and aesthetic concepts.

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