Garden Design Stratford Upon Avon and Warwickshire

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We offer a comprehensive garden design Stratford Upon Avon service that starts at the planning stage and goes on to ongoing maintenance.
In fact we offer a full garden design Warwickshire service for the whole of the Warwickshire area.

Planning, Design, and Surveying

We will measure your garden precisely and estimate the amount of ground that is available.

We will draft our first, rough ideas that show the overall garden layout, including patios, planting areas, and lawns.

Implement our strategy

Now that the design has been put into action by our landscaping experts, you can relax and watch as your garden is completely changed.

We make a concerted effort to be as functional as possible and not impose on our clients.

Schedule and schedule for planting

The Planting Scheme shows where each new plant should go and how far apart they should be from one another in your garden. The names, amounts, and container sizes of every new plant that will be purchased are listed in the schedule.

On going Maintenance

We don’t want to abandon you to take care of your garden on your own. Building relationships with our clients is important to us, and we constantly monitor their response after our job is over.

After we’ve signed off, we encourage our clients to stay in contact and let us know how their new garden is doing. We also provide maintenance services to ensure your new space looks its best if you don’t have the time to take care of your own garden.

Our award winning Garden Design starts from £280.

A garden should optimise available area, be completely functional, and have an appealing aesthetic.

We promise to build a garden or landscape that meets your needs, stays within your budget, and fulfils your dream outside area with our Garden design Stratford Upon Avon. This explains why so many of our Stratford Upon Avon garden design reviews are five stars.

We listen carefully to what you have to say during the first free consultation in order to accomplish this. We want to learn more about you so that we can understand your goals and your routine and way of life.

We will start by creating a plan that will turn your garden into the garden of your dreams for a design deposit of just £280.

Whether your plans call for a water feature, home office, play area, hot tub, or entertainment area, they will all be incorporated into our landscape design.

Why use us for your Garden Design?

When you get in touch with us, you can rely on our experts.
One of the main reasons you should use us for your landscaping project is that we frequently work in Stratford Upon Avon and Warwickshire.

So this makes us familiar with the topography and soil of the area making us ideal candidate for Garden design Warwickshire

In garden design, our first priority is to ascertain your precise landscape objectives. We will discuss in great depth your vision for your new garden and how we can bring it to life.

We design and build outdoor areas with quality materials and cutting-edge design to significantly increase the value of your life and property.

We’ve created spaces with our landscape design where you may relax or even entertain.

Whether you desire practicality and simplicity or to be bold and add every imaginable bell and whistle, we can incorporate your tastes into our designs.

We design gardens in a range of aesthetics, such as contemporary, traditional, and modern.

It appears that more people are asking for low-maintenance garden design ideas. The distinctiveness of a low-maintenance garden is not diminished.
In fact, you can create a garden with character because of the large range of materials available to use. From slate paving to railway sleepers we can design and landscape a garden that has a character of its own while also being easy to maintain.

The choice and style is entirely up to you. If you are unsure then we can design your garden ourselves giving you ideas from the start to help the process.

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