Garden Design Transformation After

garden design transformation

From a concrete yard to a beautiful retreat in Warwickshire.

  • Garden was formerly used as driveway and very run-down
  • Create new slat fencing to enhance interior of the garden
  • We found plastic bottle used as a support structure on old fence when we built our new frame
  • Installed acco drains to prevent water pooling near the house
  • Raise up manhole which was predominant and disguised now in flower bed
  • Garden is north facing deep shade
  • Planting shade tolerant and low maintenance
  • Rip out concrete
  • Formation of levels
  • Raised sleeper beds
  • Corten steel water feature to provide near focal point and restful sound
  • Natural stone paving edged with tumbled regular blocks
  • Pergola to give height for planting and create privacy over a black ice chipping seating area
  • Artificial lawn to keep the garden looking fresh and low maintenance




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