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Landscape gardening for homeowners who want to improve the garden starts with a discussion.

It is vital to understand what the client wants the garden to do for them. It may be something they want to simply look attractive but often there is also a purpose. Gardens are very important especially in the summer time when they get used the most. However gardens can be designed so they can be used or at least give benefits all year round. Building pathways and patios rather than have excessive amounts of lawn means even in the winter clients can walk into the garden without worry of treading mud back into the house. In contrast building a pergola over a seating area can provide a shaded area that people can enjoy without feeling the heat. Explaining this to clients gets them to commit to exactly what they want.

This allows us to create a design that works for our clients exactly. Our garden design Warwickshire is award winning so you can rely on us for this.

How do we design and landscape your Garden?

We’re sure we can plan and build the garden of your dreams because we’ve been landscaping gardens for over 20 years.

Our garden designers can talk with you about how you want your garden to look and then make a plan for it. The amount of garden design you need depends on what you want, how big your garden is, and sometimes how much money you have.
Every garden plan will come with a quote of how much it will cost to landscape. This way, you won’t be surprised by any hidden costs.

Our landscape gardeners Leamington Spa can plan gardens in any style, whether it’s modern, traditional, or contemporary. We do offer our award winning garden design Warwickshire for clients in Leamington Spa.

However, it seems like more and more people are asking for plants that are easy to take care of. Having a garden that’s easy to take care of doesn’t mean that it’s less interesting. With new materials like artificial grass and railway sleeper timber, you can give your garden more personality through landscaping.

Our landscape gardeners are professional landscapers so you can be sure that no matter what landscaping service you need, it will be done well by us.

Why our team of Landscape Gardeners Leamington Spa are highly rated?

Our garden landscapers and designers are a team of hardworking people who are all very experienced and enthusiastic about garden landscaping.
Since we’ve worked on many landscaping jobs for more than 20 years, you can be sure that our work and methods are the best they can be.

Our landscape gardeners Leamington Spa have been changing gardens for many years, using everything from sandstone paving to artificial grass.

If you look online for landscape gardeners or garden landscapers in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire you’ll find a lot of landscaping companies.

But you can be sure that no matter how big or small your gardening project is, we will always do a great job for you.

Just look at what other people have said about us online, and you’ll be sure to contact us.

What our landscape Gardeners offer for our Clients in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Our Landscape gardeners are able to offer a wide range of individual landscaping services to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our clients outdoor spaces.
These services of course vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of their clients. But we are lucky with the array of skills and experience that our landscape gardeners Leamington Spa have.

Here are some common landscaping services that our Garden landscapers offer:

Garden Design and Planting that includes things like:

  • Garden layout and design (we offer award winning garden design)
  • Plant selection and installation
  • Mulching and soil improvement
  • Seasonal flowerbed maintenance
  • Irrigation system installation

Hardscape Installation:

Hard landscaping services form a large part of our garden landscaping services.

The most popular are:

  • Patios and walkways
  • Driveways
  • Retaining walls
  • Decks and pergolas
  • Fencing
  • Turfing

Artificial grass installation in Leamington Spa is so popular now.
It is proven that not only does artificial grass look good it is easy to maintain. For this reason it stays looking good all year round.
Many people do try to install artificial grass themselves but we also advise to use a professional like ourselves. This is because there are certain procedures in how to install it correctly and if not done could lead to problems.
One such problem with laying artificial grass incorrectly is that it can end up having pools of water on it.

Lawn Care:

  • Mowing and edging
  • Fertilisation
  • Aeration
  • Weed control
  • Seeding

Tree and Shrub Care:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Shrub trimming and shaping
  • Disease and pest control

Water Features:

  • Pond installation
  • Waterfall creation
  • Fountain installation
  • Irrigation system design and installation

Landscape Lighting:

  • Outdoor lighting design
  • Installation of path lights, spotlights, and accent lighting
  • Energy-efficient and automated lighting solutions

Landscape Maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance programs
  • Leaf and debris cleanup
  • Seasonal cleanup and preparation
  • Lawn and garden fertilisation
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