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Garden Design with Patio and Pergola

Patios Solihull & Paving Contractors Solihull

Gardens of Distinction are your local and best landscapers in Solihull for patio building and garden paving as well as in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire.

Garden Paving & Patio layers

We have a great track record of installing great garden paving and patio projects in Solihull because we are a top paving company. You might have an idea of what you want your patio to look like, but if you don’t, that’s not a problem.

Our landscaping team are happy to create your patio so that it fits in with your home and garden.

For this, it’s important to choose the right garden paving. There are a lot of different kinds of pavers to choose from, like the very popular sandstone pavers and clay bricks. You can also add edging bricks and blocks to make the design look better.

Many people want an easy to care for patio, so we can help you choose the right paving to make that happen.

Garden Design with Patio and Pergola

Reasons why Patios are so popular

Most of the time, a patio will help your garden become a more beautiful and useful outdoor place. It is also said that it can make your home worth more. We are the best landscapers Solihull including patios in Solihull, but don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews instead. You will see all the great reviews we have. So, if you want a patio, give us a call at Gardens of Distinction.  

Patios are used for many reasons like a great place to barbecue and have people over.

With garden awnings and other accessories, the patio and garden can be used and enjoyed throughout the year.

A great designed patio and other paving areas can give a garden a whole new look and add value to the home.

Garden Design with Natural Stone Paving and Pergola

Classic style Paving

There are a lot of different types of paving that look great in gardens. We  have a lot of experience with patios and paving in Solihull. For this reason we can tell you which choices we think work best with your home and garden.

However, we also know that it’s up to you to decide what you like best.

Classic and traditional paving designs and patterns are usually made of natural stone, which looks good on patios and in most landscaping environments. It is a very popular type of paving because it lasts a long time and doesn’t need much upkeep.

There are many classic styles of paving that can be used to build patios and make gardens look nice:

If you want a formal garden, a geometric pattern is a good choice because it always looks the same.

If you want a country style, the design/pattern is not so rigid in how it looks and feels.

People may think traditional paving is boring because you always have to use the same materials and methods. But this isn’t true. You can still use different materials like paving slabs and cobblestones together, so you can still make a complicated design that fits your needs.

The choice of ground material will always have a big effect on how things look in the end. But of course, money can be a big factor in the final choice. Sandstone paving is a popular choice because it is excellent value for the money for a quality product.

Curved and shaped paving

Planning a pathway or patio is very important if you want to make an area that stands out, looks good, and makes people say “Wow!”

At Gardens of Distinction, we always work with our customers to make sure they get the best paving or patio for the least amount of money.

At the start of your garden paving or patio, we will talk about whether you want to make a geometric design or use shapes and squares.

Using shapes and circles gives a great look to any patio or garden paving, but it takes more work to put in, so the cost will go up.

The size of the place you want to pave or use for a patio may also affect your choice. If your project is just for a small part of the garden, for example, a simple plan might work well.

But you might have a big space that gives you more room to be creative. So, this may make it possible to use curved or shaped pavers to make your driveway or patio stand out.

Pathway Paving Options

Pathways can be made in many different ways, just like patios and garden paths. So if you need help to figure out what kind of path paving will look best in your garden our landscapers Solihull are at hand to help.

There are so many different choices, from the type of material to the general look.

Our landscapers have been designing and creating paths and patios for many years in the Solihull. So whatever choice you want to make our Landscapers Solihull will probably already have experience of that style or material.

Paving of different sizes: Instead of using a normal slab, you can make designs that really stand out by using slabs of different sizes and shapes. Mixing sizes like long and thin, wide and short, and maybe even square will make a really interesting design and style.

The shape of the path: If the space you have allows for it, a curved path can look more interesting than a straight one.

Materials: You can use more than one type of material on your path. If you combine this with different sized and shaped pavers, you will get a unique path.

Our experienced landscapers know that to get best the best result it is important to plan the path right from the start.

We also offer FREE on site surveys and FREE quotes.

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