Landscaping Solihull – Creating Modern Small Gardens

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Our landscaping Solihull service often requires designing around a small garden.

It may appear that there isn’t much you can do with a small garden, let alone on a budget, but with the correct garden design and landscapers, all of that can change.

There are several ingenious and inexpensive methods to transform your modest garden into the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Our garden design Warwickshire landscape design will show you how.
Our main piece of advice is to always focus on the view from inside the home first, and to avoid overcomplicating a tiny garden with a variety of materials, zoned regions, and plant types.

Small Garden Ideas for Modern Living

Design an outdoor living space

With our landscaping Solihull service we believe limited space should not prevent you from building a comfortable outdoor seating area; nonetheless, zoning is essential.

Make room for an outdoor sofa (complete with cushions) or a small bistro set bordered by a garden mat. Foldable furniture is especially useful in small gardens because it reduces clutter and can be stored when not in use.

Maintain privacy while looking still looking great

Always think about privacy. It’s difficult to find a tiny garden that isn’t overlooked in some way, but with a strategically positioned shrub or a line of trellis along the top of a fence, you may reduce the problem. Consider where you want to put your sitting area. There may be a completely private section of the garden available that will be suitable.

Use space with a garden room

What purpose do you intend to serve with your garden? If a lounge area isn’t a priority for you, may a hobby room be more useful? Consider setting up an outside room or pod. Even the tiniest garden can be used as a gym, home office, craft room, art studio, game room, and so on. The options are limitless.

The call for outdoor rooms have grown over recent years. There is truly a huge selection of garden room types with different budgets. So don’t worry we will explain these top you.

Get inventive with flooring

You may not think that flooring is a primary consideration in garden design and landscaping. However with our garden design Warwickshire we always have this at the forefront of our landscaping ideas.

Garden design tricks like using diagonal pavement can be helpful in small gardens.

Another garden trick is putting slabs on the point in a diamond shape can provide the illusion of a larger garden. Small gardens can also be made appealing with a clean, modern appearance and strong landscaping lines.

Creating fascinating interlocking zones with unique materials such as wood-stained decking or ornamental stones can help you achieve a sophisticated look in even the tiniest of gardens.

Install an outside kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are regarded a luxury in terms of appealing garden amenities, yet they are essential for modern gardens, especially in small outdoor spaces. If you enjoy entertaining visitors or are a foodie who would benefit from having a grill, pizza oven, sink and prep room for outside meals, it’s well worth considering. Having your outdoor kitchen built into the garden design will save space when compared to free standing equivalent items.

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