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Garden Design with Raised Borders

What exactly is a Garden Designer?

A garden designer is in charge of the layout of an outside space. The role is similar to that of a landscape designer or architect in certain ways. In truth, it is feasible to begin as a garden designer and progress to become a landscape architect, or vice versa.

We explain the difference between a garden designer and landscape architect as: a landscape architect primarily concentrates on commercial designs for city centres and public spaces, but they are also capable of creating bespoke garden designs.

A garden is related with a house, has borders, and is often on a smaller scale.

A landscape is independent of any property, has no boundaries, and can be big or tiny in scale.

What exactly is a garden designer? A garden designer’s task is to think about everything from start to finish. As private property owners, it’s easy to fall into the trap of selectively changing features of the outdoors over time.

Gardens lose concentration in this manner, becoming overgrown jungles. Alternatively, the incorrect plant can be chosen for a specific section of the garden, resulting in its demise and a desolate outdoor environment.

By looking at the big picture, your landscape designer will help you avoid these problems.

A garden designer might come from many different backgrounds. Some attend university to pursue degrees in garden design or landscape architecture. Other garden designers may have practical horticultural and landscaping knowledge as well as a genuine love of plants.

Some garden designers work full-time, while others do it as a hobby, and there is a wide spectrum of experience, style, and professionalism in our experience.

As The English Garden explains in its online post, “What is a garden designer?”

‘Many garden designers work for themselves, designing or enhancing gardens for private clients. Others operate as a garden designer for a larger garden design company or with a business partner.’

Example of a small garden design

Why work with a Garden Designer at all?

Now that we’ve covered ‘What is a Garden Designer’, why should you hire a garden designer or landscape architect?

The first and most obvious reason is that few individuals have the time to redesign a garden. This will take longer than some anticipate. Dealing with contractors and project management is another aspect that a client may not want to deal with or may be unable to commit to due to time constraints.

Add to this the requirement to completely comprehend your plot. Which area receives the most sunlight? Which receives the least attention? What is the pH and structure of the soil?

Furthermore, a garden designer or landscape architect brings plant knowledge that an individual may lack. How tall is that tree going to get? Which plant species might survive in the dry shade at the plot’s far end? Which plants will flower in sequence and in combination to provide year-round interest?

Along with plant knowledge, I have a strong background in hard landscaping and design elements such as asphalt, walls, steps, and water features. How should the retaining wall for the level change be built? Where should the focal point of the artwork be placed? Which stone will look best with the house and the proposed planting?

Garden designers are naturally imaginative. They will examine your outside space as a painter would a canvas or a sculptor would a lump of granite.

On top of that, the garden designer’s objectivity. The landowner will have strong opinions about what they like and dislike, which will be communicated to the designer. The designer will then use and adapt these preferences appropriately. They can make difficult decisions that the owner would rather avoid in order to benefit the ultimate design.

The Society for Garden Designers released an article that emphasises the designer’s all-encompassing role:

A garden designer may be engaged in every aspect of the design and construction process, from surveying and drafting a design to hard landscaping and plant selection.’

What is a Small Garden Designer?

Small garden designers are professionals that specialises in developing small outdoor spaces. These designers are experts at making the most of restricted space, designing useful and beautiful gardens, and selecting plants and materials that will survive in a tiny location. They frequently collaborate with clients to understand their wants and preferences, and they may consider aspects like as local climate and soil conditions.

Small garden designers might work individually or as part of a bigger landscaping or design firm, and they can create gardens for homes, businesses, or public spaces.

Gardens of Distinction are small garden designers, so if you have searched for something like small garden designers near me and you are in Solihull, you will find us.

If someone has searched for a garden landscape company they often will want both a company to design a garden and then fulfil the design through their landscape gardening skills and services.

This is what we excel at and not only just in Solihull but Warwickshire including Warwick, Leamington Spa and Stratford upon Avon.

A completed Garden Design with Patio and Raised Borders
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