What does a Landscaper do?

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Garden Design with Patio and Raised Planters and Water Feature

A landscape gardener is a specialist who plans and builds exterior areas that are both attractive and useful. They often work on homes or businesses and are in charge of a variety of jobs.

The stages of a landscape design project can be split into these:

Reviewing the Site and Consulting with Clients:

Landscape gardeners visit with clients to learn about their needs and preferences for their outside space. Because we are Landscapers In Solihull we are happy to call out and survey your homes garden if you live in Solihull or near Warwickshire.

Clients have different reasons for a garden makeover so we as a landscape gardener have to interpret exactly what our clients requirements are.

Our clients also have different reasons for having a new garden design and makeover. Maybe they want an outdoor space to entertain friends and family, maybe they just want a low maintenance garden area that looks good all year round.

The initial consultation that we have is so important in designing and landscaping the garden just like a customer wants.

Additionally, calling to see the clients garden allows us as landscape gardeners to evaluate the site and offer suggestions in light of the topography, soil type, and climate of the area.

Garden Design:

To make a plan for the outdoor space, landscape gardeners draw on their understanding of plants, hardscaping materials, and design ideas.

Paths, patios, water features, and plantings could be included in this design.

The options are endless of soft landscaping options and hard landscaping options.

Currently garden rooms are becoming a very popular soft landscaping option around the Solihull area.
As always most gardens are designed around a patio or patio areas and again the options of the materials to use are vast. The size of a patio can range from small patios to large ones that take up the majority of the garden space.

Patio installed after pic
Garden Room picture

Installation Work:

After the design is complete, the installation phase will start, according to the landscape gardeners brief.

Grading the site, setting up irrigation, constructing retaining walls or other hardscaping elements, and planting trees, shrubs, and other plants might all be necessary to achieve this.


To keep the outdoor area in good condition and appealing, landscape gardeners may also offer continuing maintenance services.

Tasks like trimming, fertilization, and pest management may fall under this category.

Our own garden maintenance in Solihull guarantees the garden is fostered to maturity to the best possible standard.

You can expect a high level of professional care from our landscaping company that serves a diverse portfolio of clientele, including private small gardens, large estates, and commercial clients.

Our garden maintenance team provides a wide choice of services and packages to fit any budget.

We will strive to maintain your garden looking its best throughout the year.

A landscape gardener’s ultimate objective is to design an outdoor area that is both beautiful and harmonious with its surroundings and that is exactly what their clients wanted.

They may be also required to offer maintenance to it during different time periods of the year so it maintains its looks and character.

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