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A challenging garden in Warwickshire, transformed with an amazing design into a usable space.

When we first looked at the garden, it was clear that it presented us with several major challenges.

The plot was exceptionally large for a newly built house and had lots of angles along with compounded ground levels to contend with.

I produced an unusual design that put the natural stone paving at 45 degrees to the property, which makes the angles complement and gives a cohesive look to the garden.

To overcome the drop in levels to the right-hand side of the property, we built a retaining wall with a 15 cm buffer between our wall and the neighbour's property boundary, as per building regulations.

Drainage was another issue we had to deal with, so we installed acco drains along the perimeter of the main paved area to take away excess surface water. Which was then fed into a pipe and taken away to a soak-away crate at the top of the garden.

A modern slat fence was built to conceal the fence lines. Artificial lawn was the client’s preferred choice, which we installed and incorporated into the surrounding natural stone set path.

We also installed a spiral water feature as the key focal point from the conservatory while maintaining the primary entertaining patio a short distance away so that one can easily traverse from the conservatory.

The feature patio is surrounded by established planting on all sides; this creates the sense of being cocooned by plants and nature for the viewer.



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