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We at Gardens Of Distinction offer great value Garden Design mainly for homes in Warwickshire and Solihull.

Below our garden designers explain ideas for a great Garden design for gardens whatever size they are.


The best garden designs begin with foundational plants. You can then  fill them with beautiful, flowering plants. One suggestion is to use evergreen bushes at the end of each border and as punctuation along the way.
For larger spaces, include small shrubs like box balls as well as giant evergreens like mahonia.

Once you have this frame, fill in the spaces with lovely flowering plants. To achieve a coordinated and harmonious look, limit yourself to five or six different varieties and arrange them in repetitive patterns.
A metre or more in depth is ideal for a border, allowing you to place smaller plants in the front and bigger ones behind.

Remember that small, low-planted beds can delineate seating or dining spaces, as can lines of planted-up troughs; go for evergreen aromatic plants like lavender or Mexican orange flower.
However, containers provide the most freedom, allowing you to relocate them as you see fit.

If you don’t have room for metre-deep beds, plant climbers at the back of the border to provide height to the planting. Choose evergreen climbing plants, such as clematis, for a visually appealing display.

TIP- When selecting flowering plants, aim to include some ‘out of season’ types to provide year-round colour. Otherwise you can plant spring and early summer bulbs to get the garden started.


The colour and style of your paving, as well as how it is laid, can establish a clear design direction for the entire garden design. For example grey or white stone in a random pattern can evoke a French country aesthetic.

We also think certain paving colours works with differently coloured flowers.

For example we think grey or white stone works beautifully with purple and white flowers.
Black and silver paving complements bold colours.
Golden pavement complements soft-toned flowers like pink, lavender, and sandy yellow.

Maybe think more about modern styles.
For example porcelain paving is vey popular at the moment. Our Garden designers are getting asked more and more to incorporate these into a garden design.
They are popular because in the sunlight they sparkle and because of their non porous nature they tend to keep the dirt off. So you will find them used in lots of contemporary and low maintenance gardens.

GARDEN DESIGN TIP – To create a seemless flow from your house to the garden make sure your paving starts at the same level as the floors in your house.


When you gaze out your window at the garden, your lawn is likely to be the largest shape you see. If it is in good condition, it will set the tone for the remainder of the garden.
Remember thought that it does not have to be a rectangle. Why not create a shaped lawn like an oval, round, square, or oblong shape.

Our Garden designers Warwickshire created this perfect example of how a circular lawn has set the whole look of the garden.

GARDEN DESIGN TIP – Cut down branches to keep excess shade away. If the UK’s heavy rain isn’t enough, water once a week in the early morning.

Its important to aerate your lawn. You can do this yourself by poking many holes with a fork. Do all of them, and your grass will grow lush before you know it.


Mature trees can serve as a foundation for a scheme. They can also be used to reduce sun glare or have accessory’s like lights hung on them.

Garden Designers Near Me

Are you searching for garden designers near me?

If you are and are located in Warwickshire and Solihull areas then we can help.

Our garden design services are also very competitive. In fact with a garden design deposit of £600 we can survey aand draw up a truly exciting garden design for you.

We listen to what our clients requirements are and can work within a given budget.

So you can see the quality of our work please see our Garden designs gallery

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