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Do you dread the work required but secretly wish you had a more environmentally friendly garden?
Our landscape gardeners Solihull have found many clients would love an environmentally friendly garden.
However they are put off by the thought of the extra work to maintain it.

Gardens can be used for many purposes, including entertainment, relaxation, kid play areas, refuges, and maybe just sunbathing. Whatever it is, it most certainly ought not to be a burden.

We find many occasions the briefs for garden design seem to drive nature away. Even as we learn more and more about the benefits of wildlife corridors across cities, the ability of trees and plants to control pollution and create cooling effects, and the physical and mental health benefits of gazing out at a natural scene, we still lay more artificial grass, remove trees, and even pave over whole gardens – all in the name of low maintenance.

The Space Outside

We believe that many landscape gardeners do not help this situation. Look back over the last 20 years, Even TV programmes have pushed this. They have definitely created the idea of a garden as an extension for outdoor living.

It is partly the responsibility of the landscaping sector.

What effect has it had to refer to a garden as an outside room?
It is most definitely not a room, even though we can easily live in the garden on a daily basis.

Of course you can view it like that but not in all cases. This view has definitely changed how gardens have been designed recently.

If a garden is a room, it should appear essentially the same all year round and, like the lounge inside, it just needs a quick dusting, hoovering, and tidying up every now and again.

This is perfect, in many respects. One of the most often expressed needs for a garden design is obviously low maintenance, with as little mowing, weeding, leaf-blowing, and pruning as possible.

But what is lacking?

It is proven that working in and with nature helps with mood and satisfaction. This includes activities like feeding birds or planting bee friendly plants.

This is why our Landscape Gardeners Solihull try to promote nature in their garden designs.

But none of this is possible without the building blocks of a nature-friendly garden that will attract the wildlife to give you the restorative and stimulating environment that will make a haven for you.

How can landscape gardeners help

We feel privileged to be part of an industry which is uniquely placed as a bridge between the needs of our clients and the natural world. We can distance people from nature, or we can create a manageable environment which harmonises with nature.

If we look after it, it will repay us, with all the benefits listed above.

For your garden or, as a designer, the gardens of your clients, what does this mean?

At Gardens of Distinction we love hard landscaping but also believe soft landscaping with the use of plants and flowers should always be considered.

Most garden design briefs provide enough of space for environmentally friendly components to create regenerative garden designs that enhance the surroundings rather than detract from it. Although they might not be the first things you think of when you think of low-maintenance gardens, well-installed plants improve the design, bring the joys of nature closer to your window, and provide a more sustainable design for the local flora and fauna.

We believe we are very skilled in bringing small changes that have a significant effect, bringing a natural element and still providing you with a living area that you can enjoy on a daily basis without feeling confined.

We have many of tools in our toolbox to design a garden that will provide you an interesting, sustainable garden all year round. These include the selection of productive shrubs, trees, and nectar-rich flowering plants that will attract and feed wildlife, the selection of grasses and wildflowers for the lawn and minimum grass-cutting regimes, and the installation of safe ponds and small areas of locally appropriate habitat.

Imaginative Garden Design

It all starts with imaginative garden design. We offer garden design for Solihull as well as garden design Warwickshire. Our website has plenty of Garden Design Warwickshire examples blending hard landscaping with creative soft landscaping using flowers and shrubs.

Contact us today for that nature friendly garden design. With a deposit starting from £600 you could get that wow nature friendly garden.
Make an enquiry today through our Book a FREE Consultation form.

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