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Our landscapers Knowle know clients often want the garden to be an extension of their home.

All too frequently, the garden can be a gloomy, making you sigh every time you glance out the window. We all enjoy strolling around the amazing historic gardens that we are so fortunate to have in the UK. However even if they were hundredth of the size, we would never want to maintain them at home!
A contemporary garden design is what you need. However only if you’re prepared to makeover your garden into something you’ll love to utilise and require minimal upkeep. Discover all about modern garden design and how to design one at home by reading on.

Contemporary garden design explained

Our landscapers Solihull for Knowle clients can create that sleek and stylish contemporary garden for you.

Modern landscape design does employ well defined spaces and shapes. But it doesn’t always have to be minimalistic. Modern gardening tends to combine well selected foliage with hardscape. This frequently includes using raised beds to reduce weed growth. Although paving usually takes front stage, a combination of several hardscape components may really bring a modern garden design to life.
Though not always used, a lawn is kept tidy and surrounded by raised beds or pathing. Many people decide to use artificial grass for their lawn. This is because it is so much easier to maintain. But it also enhances the immaculate appearance of the contemporary garden.

Often modern gardens include several sitting sections to provide you with more choices and places to use. The great news is that all the advantages of a contemporary garden can be enjoyed without having an incredibly modern house.

How should I create a modern and contemporary garden?

To realise your ideal contemporary garden design, take into account these things:

Your working space and your goals.
Think about your goals for your garden and the amount of area you have first.

Think about if its somewhere you want to relax in and unwind? 

Will you be using it to entertain, maybe have barbeques in the summer.

Would you like to grow vegetables in the garden.

Do you have pets that require a space for running around in.

Maybe you have children that may want a play area.

Planning your perfect contemporary garden can begin after you have a realistic concept of what your garden needs to accomplish and how much space you have to work with.

Your answer to these questions will help you determine how much room to set aside for raised vegetable gardens. As well as flower beds, patios, and decks.

Maybe your garden is primarily intended to be a gathering spot for friends and family. Maybe complete with room for a pizza oven or a wood chip grill. If you think a lot of kids or four-legged companions will use it, you might think about giving grass first priority.

However, you may need to think about which area of your garden would provide the ideal growing conditions. Based around in terms of sunshine if you enjoy flowers and veggies.

Being sincere with oneself should make this aspect of the design process somewhat simple.

Think about how you can maintain your garden if you want flowers and shrubs. On the other hand if you want low maintenance try to get the balance right between paving everything.

Consider the light in your garden

The way sunlight naturally illuminates your garden will greatly influence where you position the areas you want in your contemporary garden plan. If your garden faces north and you want plenty of room to socialise and unwind on sunny days, for instance, placing the patio right outside the backdoor will make you want to utilise it only when the temperature is over 28C. Put your entertaining area where the sun shines. So if you have a north-facing garden is at the very back of the garden.
Think about those hot days for gardens facing south, particularly those that are somewhat shaded. Is there somewhere to hide from the sun for a little while? In such case, you should think about that.
Whether the sun rises or sets is beyond your control, but the natural light in your garden will be influenced by what you plant. The way sunlight falls on the garden will be changed by trees, pergolas and structures. This can be used to your benefit, but only if you give it some thought.

Artificial Lighting

Most people wish to use their gardens more, and this is when artificial heating and even lighting become useful. With technology, especially the use of LEDs and solar panels, there are a plethora of possibilities for illuminating your landscape after dark.

Garden maintenance

This is a major issue and still another place where candour is needed. Just how much time are you really willing to spend watering, deadheading, planting, mowing, and weeding?

Some plants require a great deal of work, and grass needs to be mowed at least once a week from early spring to late autumn, in addition to moss and weed management. While for others maintaining their garden is a major part of the fun, others would rather pay someone else to keep it looking great.

You can select planting schemes that, in conjunction with a weed-suppressing membrane, will reduce the amount of labour needed to maintain your plants in excellent condition.

There are also artificial plants that need little maintenance and are nearly identical to the genuine thing.

But be honest with yourself. Our landscapers Solihull have dealt with so many garden landscaping projects that we understand its a tough decision.

Many people enjoy the thought of gardening more than you enjoy actually doing it. If so it isn’t a problem. Our landscapers Solihull can suggest a selective amount of raised beds to experiment with and use pots and troughs to add extra greenery. We also advise additional raised beds can always be added later if necessary, but removing them is a far more involved and difficult process.

Which materials to use?

Though confusing at times, this is one of the enjoyable aspects of modern garden design.

Our landscapers Knowle are spoilt for choice with so many things available nowadays. From materials and paving like concrete, porcelain, natural stone there are also gravel aggregates to decking and contemporary fencing to use. Choosing the right material can make a massive difference in the final look of your garden. For this reason our landscape gardeners Knowle in Solihull take their time to discuss the options available.

Working with plants requires careful consideration as well. You cannot just choose any plants and place them anywhere. The garden design decisions are influenced by soil, climate, and light as well as the architectural effect of the plants, their colour, and their fragrance. This is another area of landscape design where hiring a true professional landscape gardeners Solihull could be the wisest course. Our landscapers will be able to advise planting depending on your garden’s microclimate and surroundings, but more significantly, how much maintenance would be required.

The budget

No-one likes to think about costs but you need to set a budget for your new contemporary garden. Basically if you do not then there is a very good chance you can end up spending too much. Our team of landscape gardeners prefer to have a budget to work to. As previously mentioned with so many options it can be difficult to decide what to use, having a budget helps this.

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